Map of the System

Below there is a list of countries which you can visit having your domestic motor third party liability insurance policy and list of coutries in which Green Cardis required.


  Code Country
Civil Liability Insurance obligatory  
Green Card obligatory  
A Austria
AL Albania
AND Andorra
AZ Azerbaijan
B Belgium
BG Bulgaria
BIH Bosnia-Hercegowina
BY Belarus
HR Croatia
CY Cyprus
CZ Czech Republic
DK Dennmark
EST Estonia
F France
FIN Finaland
D Germany
GR Greece
H Hungary
I Italy
IL Israel
IR Iran
IRL Ireland
IS Iceland
XK Kosowo
L Luxemburg
LT Lithuania
LV Latvia
M Malta
MA Marocco
MD Moldova
MK Macedonia
MNE Montenegro    Informations
N Norway
NL Netherlands
P Portugal
PL Poland
RO Romania
RU Russia
SRB Serbia
SK Slovakia
SLO Slovenia
E Spain
S Sweden
CH Switzerland
TN Tunisia
TR Turkey
UA Ukraine
gb GB United Kingdom

Civil liability insurance will also cover the following territories for which, according to the Multilateral Agreement, the Signatory Bureaux of the Agreement are responsible:

  Territory Bureau
Lichtenstein Swiss Bureau
Monaco French Bureau
San Marino Italian Bureau
Channel Islands British Bureau
Gibraltar British Bureau
Man Islands British Bureau
Faroe Islands Danish Bureau
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